Case Study: Livingmenu. 
Logo Design

Final logo

My Role
Product Designer

About The Team
1 Product Designer
March 2020 - April 2020

Black Pen,  Adobe Illustrator and Figma

The Task
Creating a company logo for brand recognition. It should include a variety of scientific success factors, such as clean, distinct shapes and colours, as well as an overall image that is both unique and significant.

About LM
Livingmenu is a Singapore-based food tech innovator that empowers greater efficiencies in hawkers, food stalls and independent eateries to improve the sustainability of Asia's local food culture.

Our vision is to create a world where people can eat well affordably, conveniently and make a positive social impact all together. We are building the future food service solution with you, one step at a time.

The Process
I began by creating a mindmap and researching Livingmenu's vision for a new logo. The CEO desired a lasting brand symbol, the logo had to be minimal and fresh while also being simple with abstract aspects. The initial stage involved looking for silhouettes.

First sketch variants ideas

The Difficulty
After many excellent discussions with the CEO, I was able to better comprehend and align with his ideals, which are the scientific philosophy that his organization values. It should be noted that the symbol must be produced in a tight and deep relationship with the overall concept of different everyday meals.

The main notion was reduced to 365 days of meals - an unlimited loop of fascinating meals, the concept of infinity. I worked out the notion of lettering compositions that might be utilized for mixed text logo design, notably "LM" aka Livingmenu, using the infinity loop, a mathematical symbol that corresponds to science.

Infinity-based letter L options

The Issue
The design, on the other hand, was not visually appealing. I decided to focus solely on symbol-based branding rather than text branding because it would be easier to create alternate visual branding.

(Originally, the company did not have a graphical logo — Livingmenu relied solely on type font composition to indicate the site's name.) As a result, the company could utilise a distinct logo across all of its products and social media profiles.)

The evolution of the previous Livingmenu logo.

Design Decision
The following notion I proposed was geometric shapes such as hexagons constructed with grids and an infinity loop. I attempted to include back the letters, LM, in the earliest drafts, but it seemed difficult to build the associations required to make the shape built of LM function.

My goal was to create a distinctive identity that could relate to everyday life and with which everyone could identify.

Interesting hexagon-based LM sketches

The Solution
Creativity hit a roadblock; sometimes I would sit in a public space, which allowed me to encounter interesting people or objects that inspired me to think differently. During my tea break, I went to a cafe and noticed a wooden menu board on a table that matched the design I was looking for. Simple and native.

Shopdaddy's wooden menu board at a café

Experiment in Science
A long and thorough process was involved in specifying the right shape and angle to fit an "L"  design to a menu board. My experiment includes adding more hexagons, grouping them, moving and cutting certain strokes to see if I could come up with a better option. Many minor but substantial changes were done using degrees to create the most harmonic version. The logo was designed in a flat, simplistic style. Finally, a final shape that was scientifically sound while remaining raw and recognisable was achieved.

Reduced blueprint. Using math, an L-shaped logo resembles a menu holder.

Setting Font
Roboto has a dual nature. It features a mechanical skeleton and mostly geometric forms. At the same time, the font has wide and welcoming curves.​​​​​​​

Experimenting typeface styles with images I took

Wordmark typography - positioning of livingmenu breakdown with logo

Visual guide
The final version of the logo was also tested on freshly colored surfaces and wordmark typography to provide the brand sign with marketing flexibility.

Colour palette inspired by culinary ingredients

Core signs of brand identity - a symbol and wordmark

A city billboard at night